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You know, it's been a LONG time since I've been sad to see a year go. 2007 has been one of the best years of my life. I'm going to miss it.

The worst thing I could say about it, I had a little personal drama in the middle, and I'm still feeling the edges of it, but no regrets. I'm working to put it behind me and move on. Butterfly and I also parted ways as housemates, which was a sad thing, she was more reliable than I was, finances-wise, and really helped me get to a stable point, besides putting up with my incessent whining during the bad "first gay crush" period. Poor girl, no-one deserves that level of whining.

The best things--Whines and I are working on our fourth year together, still quite happy, yay.

My finances have never been stronger. I've gone all year with strong, solid room-mates that consistantly pay their bills, that's been great. I need to put aside some money for a car overhaul, but I've got enough money to think about travelling this year, even if only once. I'd really love to make it to one of the big furry cons, just to see one. Heck, there are enough furries on thrifthorror that I might meet some people I know.

Job--still seems to be stable. I'm not really sure I care much, it's not my dream-job, but the money's good. That's a fine place to move forward from in 2008.

Other pet LJ community got spotlighted, and reached a good stable point a little later on, after climing from 200 members to 2500. Woot. I've had more time and energy to experiment with cooking, that's been fun.

2008--I don't know what it'll bring!

I'm looking forward to some new financial opportunity, or at least a better thing to do with my non-free-time than endless spreadsheets, all the same. But, that's something I'll have to force myself to do.

I need to write. I write a fair bit on-line, but nothing of any lasting worth. I'm well aware that the only reason I DON'T is because I'm lazy, or so bonkers-active that there's no time for writing, probably somewhere between the two.

The round tummy, that needs to go. I may never be flat, but this "can't see my toes" thing, kind of bothersome. I'll partner this with "BTW, Spotty, your blood pressure's freaking your dentist out, and your triglicerids are higher than is good."

None of these are resolutions. My only resolution is "I shall not eat black-eyed peas, because they clearly don't work for me as a good-luck charm, as I abandoned them last year, and this was a really great year." They're just...observations.

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