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Photo highlights for the year...

Not a good year for photos. Not counting Thrift Store scary stuff, I've only got about 100 photos in my folders for this year--last year was more like 400. But we didn't travel much--no renaissance festivals, no state fairs. So...bit slow on the photo ops.

1/20/07: Dallas Trade Center 50-year celebration 31/20/07: Dallas Trade Center 50-year celebration 21/20/07: Dallas Trade Center 50-year celebration 4

Some pretty shots from the Dallas Trade Center, celebrating 50 years of trendy wholesale with this wonderful color-changing display in their main lobby. From January, my semi-annual visit to the Dallas Trade Mart.

1/16/2007: Butterfly frolicking in the snow I1-16-07icefork21/16/07: Josef in the "snow"

From the great Austin Thin Layer of Ice of 2007, our housemate Butterfly frolicking through what passes for snow in the great state of Texas, a really beautiful icecicle, and my weirdly scary-looking boyfriend. January 16--it's getting freezing tonight, wonder if there'll be a repeat?

4/13/07: The Moving of the Couch 5

Whines, Cebu and myself moving our bowling alley couch out of the house, very sad, but there wasn't going to be a place for it in our new digs! It went to a good home...a low-income apartment with a 50's theme, for two young bachelors :) Hope they like it as much as I did! April 13.


Our former housemate Path gets his diploma :) Go, sir!

A few shots from the wedding of Maus and Tenar, May 26 and 27.


It's probably for the best that I'm not a professional photographer...

Potter with the UnitariansPotter Party

Mom and myself at our respective church's respective Harry Potter release parties, sometime around July 21?

Hildi 4

Mom's new dog, Hildegaard, rolling in a patch of rosemary. Rosemary and german sheperd, very strange scent combination!

Christmas Dinner 2

And, Christmas Dinner at our new house, with Turtle and Turtle's mom and my family. Yay, new house, yay family and friends :)


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Jan. 2nd, 2008 12:04 am (UTC)
These are great pics, and such a nice intro to your world by seeing your friends and family. Thanks for sharing them! I do notice that your friends have ecclectic names, are they nicknames or given?
Jan. 2nd, 2008 12:38 am (UTC)
Kind of a mixture. I really don't like using people's real names on-line, it just seems a little rude, so I usually go by their internet handles or a name derived from them. Nice to see you here :)
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