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Strange words from the land of Spam...

Isn't it degrading, when they call your dic'k a "baby carrot"? Order it today and make them voice a more appropriate definition of your new huge
male meat!

Do they? Now I wonder whether there's a strange clique of people wandering to and fro, comparing men's personal parts, favorably or unfavorably, to produce?

In the baby carrot's defense, nobody is at their best when they've been in the refrigerator too long. But who are they? Why have they made this their strange calling? Are they paid for this?

Do they offer polite applause? Oh, I hope so. Though to judge from the messages in my e-mail box, they're fiendishly difficult to please.
Increase your love stick to make it really magic!
...and grant you the amazing power to levitate small objects, and hypnotise the suggestible, mad, and ginger-haired!
The main sign of your masculinity must be bigger! Use VPXL - Give it a try and make them voice a more proper definition of your new one-eyed
Many of us live in fear of our one-eyed monster, fear that it might one day overpower us in our sleep and destroy all that we love. When the drug VPXL was first released, untested in lower Trenton, Wyoming, one college sophomore's one-eyed monster killed its owner and three others before it was sedated and brought to justice by the Trenton Mounted Police, near the statue of Taft. You can still see the embarrassing stains to this very day.

ps--sorry to my ginger-haired friend, I stole that joke from England, blame them...
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