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Wheee! I THINK I had a weekend in there somewhere :) I took some vacation days to get Thursday and Friday off - spent most of Thursday working on church documents for new members and visitors, then had a two-hour conversation (the first real talk I've had) with the minister for corrections.

*mild frustration* the minister of my Unitarian Universalist church is hostile to "UUism" as a religion. This created some cognetive dissonance for me, but I think I've resolved it.

Friday...whoo, I wasted Friday. I didn't get out of the house until 2:00, at least, and I don't think I accomplished anything with my time that afternoon--I made dinner, that might have been it. Yeesh.

Saturday--Ip had a cookie party, lots of baking and some new faces. I majorly carb'ed out, this is probably a step backward in that "slim down by pridefest" goal I've got.

sunday...Church stuff until 3:30, then lunch, didn't really start my "day" until 5:00.

I've got a *five* day weekend coming up, so hopefully I can get some stuff accomplished--all the church work I've done is good stuff that I'm pleased with, but it adds such a crunched feeling to things!
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