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I tried to make spicy korean seafood soup, or "Maeuntang." I think I succeeded...I diluted it a few times, but it was still so incredibly spicy that I think it actually left my mouth raw. Very spicy soup! Worked a little better as a sauce to spoon oer rice, to dilute the effect somewhat.

I think I'll go with a slightly more subdued recipe next time. I've made this twice, and the first time had a redder color and was a bit less *instantly* fatal.

Had another battle with live clams. Really...not worth the effort. A pound of clams for an ounce of meat? I imagine they helped season the broth a bit or something...the last batch tried to be clever and feigned being dead, but this batch, into the boiling water. Eeep, eep, eeep, say the clams. The little squids that went in weren't live, and they had very cute little tentacles.

I think I spent about 45 minutes trying to find thigns in the asian grocery store--ginger juice, kelp and red bean paste where what threw me. At the smaller stores I could get red bean paste for a buck, with several brands to choose from--at the Muey Than Superparket, only one can, for over $2. Yeesh! Painful for an ingredient I'm only going to be able to use a few tablespoons of. Never did find the kelp, just used pressed seaweed instead, and finely-grated ginger.

If this is one of those recipes that "burns twice," I may not be posting tomorrow.
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