Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Blargh, dinner.

Seriously misjudged the amount of time it would take to make dinner. I was hoping to get everything wrapped up by 7:30, but the naan bread didn't rise properly (I'm not sure it rose at all, but even a flatbread will bubble and expand a bit when it's heated). The lamb kababs were quite tasty, a little on the rare side. Not the butter-lemon-saffron wonderful they were last year, more a basic grilled meat experience than anything else, but good. I think it was about 8:45 before all the elements were together.

I've got lamb kabab and naan for lunch today--yumsk! This is the sort of lunch that benefits from having a witness or two. What's the point of cooking something dramatic without some sort of audience?

Kitchen=disaster. This is normal. Hope I can get it tidied up soon, but I think I'll be cooking Fri and Sat, so it's not 100% likely. Lots of little clean-ups to do before the party on Saturday, but on the plus side, we'll have most of Saturday to do it, and we just gave the house a good once-over for the pancake night last week.

For some reason, the onion was incredibly potent, I had to stagger out of the kitchen several times because I couldn't see through all the onion tears. It was a while before all the smell was out of my hair and skin. And my nails are still dyed a saffrony yellow.
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