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New icon!

Mehndi X made me this kyoot icon for rambling osts about movies. Very nice :) Could have been a little goth-er, but at 100X100 the picture's about as detailed as I could hope for.

Intensely crowded weekend--our "Lady and the Tramp" post-valentine's party turned out bigger than I'd imagined it would, with about 20 people in attendance! Wow! It was hard to keep track of everyone and I didn't get to talk to some people very much, but it was quite a party, and everyone seemed well-fed at the end.

There's a local named "Sparrow" who always turns out at the Wing Night, our weekly gathering. He's hosted so many movie nights, and been such a good host, that I'm particularly tickled when he shows up at something we've put together.

I think we might have stumbled across the perfect formula for a movie night--just one movie, with a 20-minute intermission for dinner. This worked so well, everybody was all extra-chatty and social during the brief intermission. Usually I feel like the movie's a waste of time for some people (we know a lot of folks that just don't do films, that unless I *know* people are coming for a double-movie night, someone's left out.) With this, tho, the non-movie people seemed content, the movie people enjoyed themselves, and the social time felt stronger, somehow, because it was defined by the movie space.

We set up a little guest room Friday in our spare room--I think I'm going to try to decorate it as if "obsessive Griffyndor student slept here." Not specifically Harry Potter-themed (though there'll be a bit of that), but specifically, "student's bedroom."

Thank you to everyone who came and made Saturday close to perfect :)
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