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Meaningless but non-trivial symbols--

Whines and I are engaged :) In GURPS terms this is meaningless, because we're talking about tying the knot a ceremony in August two years from now (2010, wow, can you believe it? Where's my silver jumpsuit and jetpack?), and your game master won't give you any character points for something that far out. But...we just bought a house, and I don't want to go too far into debt on a wacky ceremony and plane trip to Canada right at this stage, so this'll let us bank a little. And in legal terms, it's utterly meaningless, as Texas doesn't recognize any marriage between two guys.

But I need symbols :) And I'd like to say "my husband," thanks, legitimacy is a good thing.

My perfect wedding is still renting a movie theater--the Drafthouse, for preference, having wedding scenes from all our favorite movies played on the big screen (maybe doing the vows from "Corpse Bride," or is that too silly? Do we really care? This is an illegal back-alley gay wedding, after all) and requiring EVERYONE in the audience to wear a costume of some sort, even if it's just a Mardi Gras mask. Then running up to Canada for a week of sightseeing in Toronto, and a license of some sort.

*laughs* One of my friends did a potluck wedding reception at her wedding :) That doesn't seem like the worst idea in the world.
Edit: Oooh! Or we can rent out Kim Phung for the late afternoon and have a Vietnamese Restauraunt reception :) Serving 50 people at a Vietnamese restaurant shouldn't be more than about $340 :)
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