Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Decorating the guest room--

So, I'm pretty sure I want to decorate the guest bedroom in an "Obsessive Gryffendor Student Lives Here" theme. I'm not sure how to best go about this. There are a couple of Harry Potter collectible pieces that I'd like to get, so I'll probably acquire those and let them live in the room as a "loose thematic link" thing (I really want the Noble Collection wands, they're well-done), but beyond that:

1) red and gold curtains, comforter. Maybe specifically Hogwarts/Gryffendor pillow cases, if they're available.
2) The three or so different Gryf tapestries and wall-hangings.
3) If I can afford it, the replica of Gryffendor's Sword. That may have to wait a while, it's like $170. On the other paw, since Wizards of the Coast isn't making any new D&D books, I've got more cash than usual :) This is a luxury item, though.
4) Maybe a coat rack with a class robe and the red/gold scarf.
5) It would be neat if I could get a blank megaphone and have one of my artsy friends paint the Gryff lion on it, or find some school that has orange and gold for its colors and get a set of their pompoms.

What else would really set off the theme?
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