Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Weekend in review--

Fairly productive weekend, which is a plus, the last few have felt a little, uh, crowded.

Got our typical late start Saturday, but went out with Tenar, Maus, and Themyskeria for lunch at Dim-Sum Central. People kept ordering one more of something, and I kept finishing the plates, until I was having some serious food-regret. Burp. Stupid lightly glutinous me. Did I say glutinous? I meant gluttonous, but after all the sticky rice, glutinous works, too. Hit a couple of thrift shops, but didn't find anything at all. Curled up with a new bad movie, "Minotaur," which was kind of disappointing, but I was prepared for disappointing, so I wasn't disappointed.

Or was I? :( *paradox, head explodes*

The minotaur was interesting as a monster--he was quadrupedal, with a bull-skull-sort of head, and his fur was patchy and thin, like "eew, really hairy guy" rather than animal. So, sort of half-human, half-bull, but not in a visually appealing way. Pity, minotaurs are hawt.

Church sermon: A theological basis for pro-choice and birth control. *applause* Minister began by telling the children a story about a boy who loved hamsters, so he got two of them. They exponentially increased to several million, by which point he wasn't playing with them or anything, just storing them on large barges and shovelling food in over the side. The main thrust of the sermon was that pro-lifers watch over the basic idea of "living, reproducing brutes," but properly being pro-life means being pro HUMAN life, not the sort of life that a feral dog would have, but that, say, someone lovingly groomed into the career of their choice with the education and support they want would have. Then he came back to the hamsters, saying that the "boy who loved hamsters" didn't really love them, but the idea of them. Good conclusion.

Went home, walked around the block a couple of times. Did some cleaning, reorganized the bedroom. Father is coming by soon to help us build some nice shelves--a 6-level, 7.5'X12' array of shelves which should just about hold our D20 library. Yay! Had to get the dog fur and laundry off the floor and the naughty pictures of wolf-people off the walls before he came by.

Did a little shopping, mostly for ideas--Star's going to help us with some lawn design, and I wanted to look at trellises for vines and suchlike. But mostly I wanted to get out of the house some more.

*yawn* at work now--the computer application I use for 95% of my job is broken on my computer :(

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