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Guilty pleasure--

Book People, a bookstore near and dear to my heart, has a "modern fantasy authors" discussion group meeting one Tuesday a month. As soon as I found out about that, I had to join.

This month, they're reading over "The Coming of Conan," which is pretty much all the Robert Howard "Weird Tales" Conan stories.

A few observations of the "Coming of Conan" experience, so far--
While I have nothing bad to say about Book People in general, it makes sense that, if you're going to have a book study on a book, say, a book about Conan the Barbarian, you should stock that book. Just a thought. I don't want to offend, but, you know, Book study, main purpose, selling books, seems a really good tie-in.

Borders Books on north 183 has an absolutely kick-ass record selection, and I hope I didn't bounce that check. They also carry Conan books, even if they aren't running book-studies on them. I'd hate to have to go to Barnes Ignobles.

I did NOT know that Robert Howard was a Texan. I mean, with my theory that no other state exists except Texas, it makes sense...

I'm actually sorry I didn't read these stories before. I love to read "cornerstone" books--I read Neuromancer because it was the first Cyberpunk book, I feel kind of bad in a snotty-elitist way for not picking up Conan. It complements HP Lovecraft very well, considering they were buddy-buddy. It's fun to see them playing against each other. This has been a pretty good ride so far.

Robert Howard did not like hyenas very much.

ANY excuse to get that Cimmerian into a loincloth was taken. I'm not making a value judgement here, I'm just sayin'. He does seem to have a wide array of loincloths, breechclouts and dhotis to choose from, and according to most of the 150-odd illustrations in the book, he does like his loincloths, so, I guess it makes sense. Incidentally, never try to find synonyms for loincloths by searching for "breechclout loincloth" on Google. The results are faintly disturbing. Pudgey pale hairy people shouldn't wear them. (Spotty, about your Eeyore's Birthday costume last year...Did I ask you, subconscious? No? Good, shut up...Lost that weight yet?...Shut up...)

The more riotous individuals in city mobs apparently collect dead cats to throw when it becomes appropriate to throw something at, say, a scorned and defeated barbarian king in a loincloth. I mean, any townsperson can throw a rock. But how many of them, specifically, keep a big basket of dead cats for the occasion? That's foresight.

Hee hee. Anyway, back to my loincloths literature. Book report's due in two weeks.


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Feb. 1st, 2004 10:48 pm (UTC)
Feb. 1st, 2004 11:01 pm (UTC)
Apropos of nothing except perhaps unbifurcated garments, the Episcopals are trying very hard to not mention, notice or make the slightest adknowledgement of the fact that I'm wearing a kilt.

Except, as I pause to take some abuse mid-typing stream, my mother, who rarely lets me get away with eccentricities without comment.
Feb. 2nd, 2004 02:33 am (UTC)
Confucious once said: "Man who wears kilt might also own claymore." ;?)
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