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Grumble politics grumble

I really don't like politics. I don't like talking about politics, I don't like hearing people talk about politics, I don't like people telling me when I should or shouldn't be interested in politics.

Broadly, I'm a democrat, because the democratic party isn't actually out to get me, as far as I can tell. They've never simultaneously attacked my career, my religion, and my choice in partners. Usually, with the regrettable exception of the "Defense of Marriage" law Clinton signed, they leave me alone.

I don't particularly like Hillary, but the main arguments I've heard against her are that she's insincere and she has a dishonest past. Well, frankly, everyone has skeletons in their closet. The younger you are and the less experience you have, the fewer skeletons you have. Did she waffle on the war in Iraq? Is a politician supposed to do what their constituents tell her to do, or what's in her heart? Really, we expect both, and that's hardly fair. So she's insincere? Would ANYTHING make people happy? Probably not. And if Obama doesn't have a shady past, or hasn't been in a position to make difficult positions that hack off a large number of people, that sounds like inexperience more than integrity--maybe I'm just being cynical.

I don't like Obama for two reasons. I think "change" and "hope" are not sufficient planks for a platform, they're buzzwords. Also, Obama claims to want to run an administration "guided by faith." That's such an incredible turn-off for me.

I do like McCain, but...four more years of war = bad thing. Still, he's hacked off the religious right a few times, and I politely applaud that.

Frankly, I'm slightly more inclined to vote for Hillary than anyone else, because the Clinton presidency was the only period of prosperity and political sanity in my entire life. But I feel like my opinions of her are based entirely on a strong tendency to do the opposite of what the talking heads tell me to do. All of my opinions of these people are based on the media--primarily NPR, but still, it's pre-digested.

So...frankly, like so many times in my life, I just don't care, and people trying to make me care just make me very angry. Both Democrats seem like competent people, and they're not carbon-copies of each other. Heck, I like the Republican more than I've liked a lot of my presidential options.

I hate being around conflict, so people arguing incessantly about politics-particularly "discussions" that sound like Mac vs. PC or Raiders vs. Celtics- drive me up the wall. Way too many of my friends give me a "so what?" attitude when I've expressed my frustration and discomfort. I don't know why so many political people feel the need to evangelize, to save my political soul. It's odious when a mormon missionary does it, and worse when it's a friend.

Okay, I'm done griping. Sorry for the whinging.
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