Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Veggie burgers are yum :)

I've been trying to cut down my calories and fats, at least for lunch (dinner, well, if you can't have fun for dinner, what's the point?)

So, lately, I've been eating a LOT of vegetarian patties.

Here's my current faves and bleahs--

Boca anything: Bleah. All the boca burgers have terrible textures when you microwave them. They seem like they'd be great on the grill, but not so hot for the office. And i'm pretty sure if you grilled them without oil, they'd dry out. But...low-cal, and that's good.

Morning Star black-bean patties: Sooo good! Unfortunately, they're the highest-calorie patties. Which is why they're good. The calorie range of these things is only 90-130 per, but still.

Morning STar Vegetable patties: Waaay too veggie-tasting. The bell-pepper is flavorful, and that's a good thing to some, but I'm not really a fan of bell pepper and onion.

Morning Star Asian Patties: Do not want! It's a rather dull pattie with a bit of a teriyaki flavor. Bleah.

Veggie Burgers: Thusfar, my favorite. Calories consistantly orbit 100, so at the low end. The use of brown rice as a structural element is good, and the flavor's light and pleasant. I just finished one of their bella burgers, and it was a treat :)

That's all, just avoiding work right now...

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