Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Oh, I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts...

There they are a standing in a row...

Still thinking about gardening and planting and trees and suchlike. Historically, I've had a bad habit of getting involved in something, spending LOTS of money on it, and then dropping it. So...I'm still trying to feel myself out to see if this is a temporary obsession or a legitimate activity. At LEAST putting in some trees would seriously help the house and the property, so I'm absolutely going to do that much. It may be that this year all I can get to is pruning the hedges, tweaking the crepe myrtle, and planting three shade trees--then do something more ambitious in terms of gardening next year.

The telltale signs of one of my short-term obsessions is my trying to outreach myself on a specific element of the project, dropping it, and then stopping all other forward progress. So, naturally, I'm trying to figure out how to weld rebar to make an interesting lawn sculpture/vine trellis.

Start slow, go with the trees...

Blargh. I've got two big documents I've been promising the church for about two months, now. Gotta get those done. This is such a crowded weekend, though! Maybe I can wedge three hours into Saturday before my birthday party. I've recently extended my work commute from a half hour round-trip to a little over an hour (and adding an extra 30 minutes or so to any journeys), and then started walking a half-hour a day. So...suddenly, I've got about six fewer hours of free time per week. This is causing me some miscalculations on how much time I've actually got to do things. [Edit: Screw it, I'm cashing in some of my vacation to work on this. I've got 15 days coming to me this year, and I haven't used one yet. I want to keep this particular weekend work-free!]

Pardon the stream of consciousness!

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