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My sister brought me a Pei Wei kung-pao chicken on brown rice. Happy me! it's a lot soggier when it's not fresh, but still tasty and physically painful :)

I've been thinking a lot about jobs, particularly jobs that I hate, and jobs that are available to someone with my skill set. I'm looking at a few of them now. Whines sent me a new one today that's appealing.

Sister gave me two fortune cookies. The first one had the "your chinese word for the day" of Sugar, and the fortune: "Do not mistake temptation for opportunity." Bummer.

But the second one had "Cook" on the back, and had my age listed on it (both "29" know...a higher number), and said "Reach for your dreams. Start with the spring rolls." I'm going with that one, it's more auspicious.
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