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Weekend in review--

Okay, that's the LAST party until, like, May at least!

We had a big furry gathering at our house over the weekend. Must have gotten into the mid-20s, on the "people in attendance" chart.

I'd really hoped to plant some trees on Saturday morning, but that just couldn't happen--the delivery guy I usually go with wasn't answering his phone, the trees I wanted wouldn't fit in the car. Came home, did a little clean-up and cooking. Some welcome guests started trickling in at 4:00, so it was kind of hard to get anything serious done after that, at least so far as out-of-house stuff goes.

The party was a lot of fun. Had a little glitch in that I'd wanted to do board games, but the dominant patterns seemed to be video games, anime, and bowling. *shrug* Everyone seemed happy, but next time I'm going to veto the movie/TV thing, once it gets started it doesn't stop!

Lots of new people. Lots of people in general. Wow.

If we do any more events for like the next two months, they're going to be low-key, movie nights with justfriends, that sort of thing, I think. I'm tired on a long-term basis, and there's multiple camping trips starting to rear their heads.

One of the main reasons for holding this one was that there was a journalism student that wanted to do a class project on das furs, and I figured we could help her out and have a party at the same time. Lots of long-term furs have some strong--and well-founded--knee-jerk reactions to the media, so not everyone wanted to play that game, which I can understand. On the "better safe than sorry" equation, sometimes the "safe" option feels like just "sorry" with fewer teeth, though. Like my mom, I've always been a fan of going forward as if you won't get hurt, an optimistic world is an entertaining world with lots of opportunities. Pessimism has a lot fewer risks, but it's just lonelier, with more closed doors and fewer random encounters. Of course, this attitude's gotten me and my mom swindled and burned and cost me thousands of dollars in deadbeat roommate fees, but I think I'm a happier person for it, in the final cost-benefits analysis.

Ramble, ramble.

Sunday was pleasant enough. I got an earlier start on things than I would have liked, but cooked a decent breakfast (waffles, eggs, bacon) for the eight or so people that stayed the night, and then most of us took a trip to the Austin Zoo to see the foxes. There were a LOT of people wearing big silly vinyl collars. I wish they hadn't. I think I would have said something, but I was wearing a big silly kilt, and really didn't have a leg to stand on.

One of the SA guys had a really hawt tattoo of Red XIII. I'm always suprised when adults do that to themselves--not the tattoo in particular, but a tattoo of a transient interest. I want a tattoo, something interesting and tribal, but I don't have any obsessions that last long enough to etch into my body. I'm pretty sure that if I saw a good celtic-style hyena, or a nicely tribal hyena design, I'd bite the bullet (possibly literally, not the best pain tolerance in the world...) and go for it.

Hung out in the living room for the rest of the evening, said goodbye to San Antonioistos and other visitors, which was kind of sad since we're maybe going to back off from the mad event hosting for a while, and some of the out-of-towners are really cute and fun to talk to, and obviously deserve to be confined to our zip code for the rest of their natural lives :) But that's okay, life's so crowded there won't be much time to miss people, and we can try to get down to SA for a meet-up. Don't have much of an excuse, with as many friends as we have there, and Josef's hybrid car makes the gas cheap. I need a Prius. And a latte.

Thoink brought over a wonderful cheesecake, caramel-topped with a coconut base. Incredibly thoughtful, and those are two of my favorite flavors. Which of course is why he picked them. I don't think anyone's ever made me custom food before :)

I've been feeling kind of morose for a few weeks now. It feels like I'm getting to the end of a chapter in my life, and I don't know why, or how to stop it, or if I should. I don't know what it is, it's partially the birthday and the new house, partially getting engaged with Whines, it's making me feel very much like an adult, which I'm not comfortable with. Partially I've been kind of drifting socially, like we've phased into the extravert land of "many friends with limited contact" from the introvert land of "a few close friends." I think I need both in my life, which is hard to hold in suspension, both for myself, and for my friends. And then the large distance involved in where we live has made casual visiting a bit more difficult, since we're not just down the road from anyone.

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