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Just finished planting two rather young magnolia trees in the back yard.

God, in his wisdom, did not want me to have decent-sized magnolias. The broad-leafed southern magnolia comes in three sizes--$50 petite (maybe five feet tall), $180 medium (maybe 7-8'?) and $300 actual tree-sized.

When I finally got my pick-up truck, free time, and money all lined up, there was only the petite kind. I guess I could have shopped around, but it's the equinox, and if I put this off one more week I'll never get to it. So, petite magnolias, a little sad, but we can say "I was there when you were knee-high to a very tall person.

Sooo tired! It's clear that the dirt I took out of the hole magically reduced in size, because even with the tree's root bulb filling up the space, it was real darn hard to fill that hole in.

Aaanyway, pagan potluck and pet blessing this morning, very pretty. Going to have a frantic easter, lots of running around, but I'll get to make a few checkmarks on my to-do list, as we finish up a few church projects. And plant those trees. Yay!

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