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Little Known Facts, part 4:

The Green Party was actually named after John Spenser Greene, 14th Duke of Greene. In England, the Greene Party primarily builds its platform on reformation of parking laws and taller hats on police officers and military guard. The name was Americanized when it crossed the Atlantic in 1920. This will be Nader's 22nd consecutive bid for the presidency.

In Africa, badgers are colonial organisms, and form mounds that may rise as much as 80 feet above the ground. Each mound is ruled by a queen badger, but not very effectively.

Most species of gourd change their gender several times over the course of their lives. Only other gourds can tell the difference, though.

After his visit to their native lands in Tanganyika, the indiginous Sansipo people revered then-president Howard Taft as a storm-god, son of the great sky-goddess Mielikki, herself consort of the raven-god Upso. When informed of this, Taft reportedly responded with "Muhrhuhuh," and finished his tapioca.

Technically, coyotes are not of the order "canidae." They are, in fact, finches. This is one of the many oddities of the Linnaen classification system.

Not only do female spotted hyenas share the external sexual characteristics of the male spotted hyena, they also have the same pay bracket.

The ruling royal family of Morroco has suffered from fallen arches for 13 generations.

Originally, the Girl Scouts of America sold "Thin Mints" under the name "Fat Mints," with only two cookies per 12.5-oz package.

After the health scares surrounding strawberries in 2002, Lammes Candies unsuccessfully marketted chocolate-covered grapefruit, spaghetti squash, and mussels. A copy boy suggested they work with chocolate-covered grapes.

No two elephants have the exact same pattern of wrinkles.

Amazingly, only one statement in this post is untrue!
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