Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Weekend in Review--

Took a half day off Friday to get some mental health time. Managed to accomplish absolutely nothing except reading a lot of game books. Bleah!

Went out to see 10,000 BC with Fizz and Itza, which was...kind of a let-down. The Chronicle (our local liberal weekly newspaper) had made it out to be a greally great "crappy films" experience, but it was, so-so. Not good enough to be worth watching, not bad enough to be good, not enough exposed caveman to be prurient. I do think it would be an excellent film for "riff-tracking," since it's actually watchable AND easy to make fun of (thus, my previous post), but this isn't worth the ticket price on lack-of-merit alone.

F&I and Whines and I retreated to their place for card games late into the morning afterward. Thanks for introducing me to the german bean-counting game, y'all :) That'll be on my acquisition list.

Saturday, not a lot of accomplishment. Got some cooking done--made a really nice mushroom lasagna with 'bellas, white mushrooms, and morrels. Quite tasty. Brought for dinner with some church friends, who also made a lasagna, since I'd told them I was bringing soup. I swear, last month they were both vegetarian, but I couldn't call to confirm, so, the food didn't match. Oh, well. And that was pretty much Saturday.

Sunday--minor church stuff, good sermon from guest speaker. Then, Pacer's B-day party until 7:00 or so, lots of good burgers and people, and then home, to further accomplish nothing (well, I did my laundry, which was a pretty big pile).

So, *relaxing* weekend, but not a lot that I can take from it besides some quality social time, and three days worth of leftover lasagna. Ach, well.

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