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The magic of steamed buns

So, pot stickers, or steamed buns? I don't know which is the more perfect food. I think I enjoy Pot Stickers more, but they're a LOT more effort to do right (pan-fry, then boil/steam, make sauce).

Had "pumpkin" steamed buns. Forgot that pumpkin, outside the states, is a universal term for squash. Interesting, but not quite the sweet spicy goo that I've come to love.

Think that steamed custard buns are as close to heaven as one can get without any real effort or money. Think hyperbole is kind of sexy, too. Cannot figure out why some brands of red bean paste buns are sweet, tasty desserts and others are mounds of bean-flavor in puff pastry. There should be some sort of department of bun regulation.

I miss the wonderful baked turkey pockets at the eggroll and burrito stand in the west mall of my college campus. That was my $1.80 lunch for weeks at a time. Why, why were you brought up on charges of electronics theft and running a fence from your eggroll stand, my angel of fried rice?

Red bean paste steamed buns--and custard buns, most of the sweet buns--are like the full moon, mysterious and enigmatic, particularly if you didn't label them, because they're all little round white fluffy balls of dough once the wrappers come off. And really, aren't we all?

Why aren't there more fruit flavors? Then I could sing "ring ring ring ring ring ring ring, banana bun!" That's probably the reason. The bun-stuffers started singing all the time, the workplace was pure chaos. Making steamed buns must take an orderly and serene setting.

Am suddenly very hungry.
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