Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Has this been done before?

There's been a rash of "childhood fears" games lately, which is cool, it's conceptually neat as a genre. Has anyone done a game where the PCs are the "bogies"? Something in the genre of Labyrinth, Monsters Inc, Little Monsters. I could see characters that were born of a nightmare and tend to center on a few elements of that dream as their core personality, and have that as their "Essence" description ("I was created from a dream where a five-year-old girl rode a horse that had no head, charging down a forest path, but she couldn't reign me because the bit and bridle hung useless in her hands and the blood made it too slick to hold anyhow. I resonate to Nightmare Beasts, Falling/Speed, The Dark Forest.") Rare characters might be children pulled into the fantasy land A La Toby from Labyrinth or Michael Keaton's character from Little Monsters, or the path Fred Savage was going to take. There might also be a third category, like Jareth/Oberon, of more alien creatures that weren't born from humans or human imaginings, or are just so old that they're doing the Racial Memory shtick. Besides the usual stuff, characters could actually change their bodies over time as they rework their self-image.

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