Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Weekend in review--

Tired! Whines, also tired.

Saturday--a great mix of relaxation, shopping, and work. Moved some large flower pots into the front yard, in the weird little clearing by the front door. Planted the cactus I've had in teeny little pots, and the patchoul I picked up yesterday, in a little cluster of pots. Mowed the front lawn, too. I think we may have had dinner after that, I don't remember anymore. Christopher Walken hosting Saturday Night Live. Yay!

Sunday: Got up early to drink coffee, go to church, run visitor/newbie info table. A lot of people said they loved the visitor information guide I'd written up for the church, so that was good.

"You went to [large downtown church]? Did you know [name one]?
"Oh, how 'bout [name two]?"
"Yes! I see her once or twice a month, and her daughter came to church here last week! She was one of my high school friends!"
"Oh. Well, her daughter stole my husband."

Weirdly, that was the second time this has happened in the course of my membership team duties. The first time, one of my coworkers gay-stole someone's husband, which surprised the woman no end. *sigh*

A little more shopping, then came home. Whines fixed the gutters so that they gut properly, I planted a few more plants, then trimmed the hedges with my new hedge chainsaw. Much fun :) The dogs were very sweet and sat in the front yard minding their own affairs. Then I spent a lot of time meditating on what the lawn should look like next year.

Now, off to the Drafthouse to watch 1.5 hours of extreme Japanese weirdness. Woot!

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