Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Japanese weirdness for the weekend--

Watched Super Happy Fun Monkey Bash with Whines and Apryl last night. It was fun, but not wacky-zany. Most of the other monkey-bashes (90-minute compilations of high-weirdness Japanese pop-culture mixed together by a deranged, speed-snorting chipmunk) have moved pretty quick, with only one or two long 10-minute sketches--usually one of them the big conclusion number at the end. This most recent one felt like they had to *fill* 90 minutes, so they threw in like five large sketches, none of which were really that good. A bit of a let-down, considering how much fun the other monkey-bashes were, but still worth going to see.

On the other paw, they ran a trailer for Big Man Japan, an extremely "huh?"-inducing flim about the last giant warrior who fights against giant rubber-suit monsters. It looks inspired. By who or by what, I couldn't say. Aaand, it's having its opening at the Alamo on South Lamar! This may be the only time it runs in the country, unless it catches on, so if you're a fan of high Japanese weirdness, you may not want to miss this one!

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