Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Solo gaming?

Has anyone ever done solo-gaming? One-on-one gaming, one player, one game master?

I've done this a few times when I needed to get something very intimate, or self-involved, or not really other-player-friendly.

I was listening to a podcast on gaming by what sounded like a boyfriend-girlfriend pair, with the guy the game master, the girl the player. That was how they ran all their sessions, and they were proud of that.

I really find this kind of disturbing. Gaming is, allegedly, a social activity. That's one of my big justifications for the X of thousands of dollars I've spent on game books. The idea of a solo campaign...I dunno, it feels like a major taboo somehow, "that's just wrong" sort of feeling.

The weirdest element was that they were doing all the gamer war story routines--but in a campaign where the world is sculpted around a single character, do those even count?

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