Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
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Casa de Luz--

Whines and I went down south to Casa de Luz for dinner last night. It was a wonderful experience! CL is an organic, macrobiotic, vegan restaurant--so, we were a little turned off before even getting there, but we got over that.

The grounds were lovely--a long corridor with lots of vines and trellises, little zen areas to the left and right, picnic tables, japanese-style seating areas, side-paths and wind-chimes, with a couple of quirky wellness-based businesses here and there--you halfway expected a guerilla acupuncturist to leap out and poke you. There were thick bundles of jasmine and trumpet flower--the smell was very nice, I lurve jasmine.

The actual restaurant was unique, as far as I know, at least in Austin. Everything was rustic and wooden, with tables that people would (apparently) randomly join you at during busy periods. There was a serve-yourself element, with an excellent soup and salad (tonight's was an almond-dill-vinagarette salad, some sort of poblano-based hot sauce, and a creamy chowder of some sort, all very good, I'm surprised that the chowder was vegan).

Ice is, apparently, not macrobiotic or vegan, so there was not any ice for the tea. Oh, well. And you did have to work to find the one bottle of stevia sweetener in the place. But that was part of the fun.

Dinner--which was all you care to eat--was corn (?) tortilla tacos with a mushroom-tomato-pepper filling topped with guac, brown rice with pumpkin seed topping, charro beans (?). All quite hearty and satisfying.

Dessert was not included with the price of the meal ($12, a little steep). And I managed to miss the last glass of vegan health-flan, which upset me a little bit, as I love flan and am looking for ways to make it without using white sugar. Though i'm not sure how you'd make it without eggs.

Yumsk! Beautiful setting, very good meal!

CL is off Barton Springs, behind the trailer park near The Shady Grove.

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