Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

More garden finds--

Went down to "It's About Thyme, a garden store in way the heck South Austin, past Slaughter Lane. Pretty neat stuff--nice variety, not very well-labeled, but a bunch of neat stuff. Two plants in particular amazed me--one, stevia. I knew about the sugar-substitute in a bottle, but I wasn't sure what it was--the stevia plant has broad leaves that are very sweet! like biting into a stick of "juicy fruit" gum, sweet. I picked up two of them--they require moderate sun, so I'll try to make them work, but it may be a challenge. I don't know what I'll use them for--they'd probably make a really exciting addition to a salad of some sort.

The other one--which I DIDN'T buy, but only because it was a fire ant nest--was datura. If you don't know this one, the datura family has a lot of the magical plants in it (the two big magic plant families are datura and nightshade, from my limited research). According to some sources, datura--or at least some daturas--is the "zombie cucumber," the active ingredient in zombie potions. It's also used in some flying-broomstick recipes. Not a NICE magick plant, but interesting for what it is. I may go back there and try to get it, ants or no. Not to use, just to have.


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