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Herbs, frogs--

I'm going to have to make or commish a "talking about plants and gardening" icon, soon...

Spent pretty much all weekend working on an herb garden in the front yard. Got most of it planted, ran out of dirt for two of the larger subsections, so it's not q-u-i-t-e finished yet. It's a kind of oblong running along the house-side of our driveway. I'll post a photograph (for those that care :) when I've finished it, though it'll probably look silly until the herbs start to spread.

Planted: Lemon grass, lemon verbena (the smell of lemon verbena is fantastic! Run your hands through it, it's like shoving a lemon-scented moist towelette up each nostril. It's not good for much besides scent, tho, since it doesn't taste like anything.) Stevia, Orange mint (nothing special), cinnamon basil, sweet basil.

Didn't get the "normal" stuff in, except sweet basil, because I was saving it for the larger patches and I didn't get enough dirt for those :( Still to plant: spearmint, peppermint, chili pequines, english mint, pineapple mint, crinkle-leaf mint. I'm a bit of a mint fan, if it's not immediately obvious. Also have a catnip plant, but I think I'm going to put that in one of the raised pots, to keep it a little bit out of the way of, well, cats.

Some stuff I'm keeping under the front porch in pots, so that it can grow a little bit from its original little cup until I can plant it, actually building that garden was a bit of an effort!

*sigh* Technically, October is when you're supposed to plant mint, but it's my favorite plant, and everything except Chocolate Mint can survive the summer just fine...

When I was in early College I had a garden with about ten different types of mint in it--it made the BEST iced tea! Hoping to get back to that.

Anyway, last night I popped out to take a look at what I'd done, and there was a tiny little toad-frog hopping through my new garden :) It humored my as I ran back to the house to get a camera and snap a few shots of it. I don't think toad-frogs are usually good omens, but I'm always thrilled to see something living and natural in our paper-cutter neighborhood :)

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