Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

The delightful scent of 'Pledge'...

Stopped by *another* nursery yesterday. They had a peppermint variation called "lemon essence mint," which if you thought REALLY hard about it kinda smelled like lemon, maybe. Or peppermint. Also bought a lemon balm. I had a lot of trouble growing lemon balm in the past, when I was in college and had nothing but hardpacked limestone caliche to work with, dirtwise. Maybe it'll grow a little better this time.

Lemon Balm has a pretty scientific name - Melissa officinalis - and is in the Lamiaceae family, which contains mints, but also contains virtually every other edible herb, including thyme, rosemary and sage. Those look and act so different I'm surprised they're even vaguely related, but Lamiaceae is a hewge family, so maybe they aren't, except in a cladistic sense of the word "related." In the past, it was rubbed on furniture to get that lemony-fresh scent we now have to resort to canned furniture polish for.

Maybe over the summer I'll make plans to move everything to the backyard, in a more "area with a fence and vines surrounding mostly submerged pots" sort of game plan.

Pope Benedict sounds really cool. Kind of peaceful-sounding, like he's stoned and German at the same time.
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