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Day a little bit koyaanisqatsi.

Took today off for family crisis--grandmother coming to Austin to live with family, or at least close to family. Briefly shopped for plants (corsican mint, japanese mint, lavender mint aquired, and a lovely asian-looking pot...come on tax refund...) then vaccuumed, scrubbed, and otherwise fluffed mom's house. Grandmother came in at 1:00. She's kind of wobbly, having just been uprooted, and I'm not sure it was perfectly willing. *sigh*

Am currently at mother's bookshop so she could go back home.

Lots of work waiting for me at...well, work...hope I can stall for a day and not cause any major world-shattering problems. Don't really care if I do, but would in the balance prefer not to.

Havign a bad spat of thoughts-of-mortality as a result of this.

Played Talisman last night. Someone managed to get to from the outer rim to the inner time to stop me from winning the game by fiat. Still won. Fear the assasin, particularly when he hasn't read the rules very well.
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