Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Obsess much?

I think I'm going to stop purchasing...there are 1500 different varieties of mint, and I clearly can't have all of them.

The bed I've set up in the front garden currently has english mint, swiss mint, chocolate mint, catnip, peppermint, orange mint, spearmint. I've got in permanent pots: lemon essense mint, lemon mint, curly leaf mint, pineapple mint, corsican mint. In transitional pots, lavender mint, japanese mint, and currently unpotted, wintergreen. Got whimsical and planted a Southern Colonal mint (the perfect mint julep mint) in some unregarded soil in our yard, we'll see if it's able to handle the clay. All of them are doing well, except the English mint, which had a bad case of caterpiller over the last few weeks.

The peppermint is starting to explore its environment, sending out runners. I hope the three chili pequines I planted with it can establish themselves before the mint grows too thick around them. I'll cut it back there if it's a problem.

The patchouli is thriving, at least the pots that I bought for someone else. The pots I bought for myself are growing grudgingly.

Having a hard time figuring out what the stevia's doing, or how to handle it. It sounds like it wants to be a once-a-year harvest if you're doing it professionally--cut leaves in the autumn for best results. Maybe I'll set aside a few more for casual grazing. It looks a little bit wilty sometimes, so I've added a bit of water and that perks it up, but the soil still feels moist to the touch.

The honeydew melon sage is dull but fragrant. It apparently has really exciting flowers, though. The lemon verbena has a wonderful sharp fragrance, but it's not growing much (I remember it wasn't much of a joiner when I planted it in college.)

I'm not sure what the basils should look like. The cinnamon basil is a little spotty in places--I'll cut back on its water, it prefers a drier bed. The sweet basil is fine, if petite right now, and the purple basil, which I just picked up, is purple, but otherwise has not amazed me in the two days I've owned it. Smells nice, though.

Planted lemon grass in front of Folf's window to replace some of the missing plants there. It grows pretty high, so that should work. I bought two lemon grasses from the nursery, and I've got a dozen of them that I picked up at the asian grocery store sitting in jars around the house to see if they sprout. Apparently, that method works pretty well.

The only non-mint plants I use regularly are rosemary and thyme (well, and basil, but I'm working on the basil now). Rosemary's likely to be a permanent fixture, since it's a major infestation plant when it takes off. I may hold off on that until I can make a legitimate bed for it. Thyme...I'm not sure if I'm going to bother, I only use a few teaspoons of it a year, but it's good for attracting fairies, so I might get it growing if I ever do the cutesy fairy garden thing.


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