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Camping, cooking, gardening...

Back from two days in the wild, more or less, probably more less than more, but still fun. Yew Grove--church's pagan group--had a, oh, 16-person campout, of which 6 of them were soooo many rambunctious little children that wouldn't fit in the large kettle I brought. Beautiful land, the UU church has a wonderful ranch up near Kerrville, a pretty two-hour drive through Johnson City and Fredericksburg. Big, sprawling ranch, very high in the hills, with a sort of mini-lake-cistern-pool, a few labyrinths (didn't see those), and a small supply of wild pigs.

Cooked breakfast for the crowds both days--buttermilk pancakes, breakfast tacos. Pretty good stuff, actually didn't go over my mental budget and was reimbursed, with money left over to throw back at the cabin kitchen.

Made Whines stop (well, I was driving, so I made Whines put up with me stopping) at every gardening shop from Austin to Kerrville. I'd just gotten an "exotic culinary herbs" book, and there were a few neat-sounding plants that were up to Austin's heat levels (I'm amazed that a lot of herbs don't thrive in Austin because it isn't hot *enough...*)

Anise Hyssop, a pretty heart-shaped-leaf plant with spires of purple, nectar-rich edible flowers. The flowers taste like anise/licorice and mint, and the leaves are pretty heavily anise-flavored too, and rubbing your hands against them makes you smell like candy :)
Purple chili pequines, we'll see how those do. I really like chili pequines in concept, they're such cute little peppers.
Vick's Plant, a plant that strongly smells like vick's vap-o-rub, and some websites say can be used for same...I'm not sure about that, though, more research is required.
Egyptian, or walking, onions: What a fun plant! It grows from an oniony bulb, sends out a stalk, then grows a little bulb on the end of the stalk, tilts down, and plants itself :) It's apparently like some sort of mega-chive, flavor-wise. I'm looking forward to playing with this in the kitchen.
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