Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Good weekend, in the balance--

Got some gardening stuff done Saturday and Sunday morning. Neighbor pointed out that we've got a rather conservative home-owner's association and that I hadn't cleared my garden with them. I think I was rather short with mister neighbor, must apologize next time I see him.

Went to an "enchanted forest" event in south Austin, in a strange, free-spirited little three-acre woodland, with all sorts of strange collage-sculptures and found-art thingsandstuff. Got photos. Unfortunately, they were on hippie standard time, so Whines, Itza and self never did get to see the event proper (none of us really felt like sticking around from 3 to 7), so we boogied out after touring the grounds.

Mother's day breakfast at Casa de Luz, with mother (of course) and grandmother, who's increasingly dotty :( *sigh* But it was a good meal, except for the total inability to score more than a single pancake about as wide as a business card. Apparently macrobiotic vegans don't believe in *enough* pancakes. Very tasty stuff, though! Really nice spicy pumpkin soup and some slightly sweet squash. Tried the vegan macrobiotic flan. Regret the vegan macrobiotic flan, but don't regret trying it.

Invited family over for dinner, so a lot of frantic cleaning and cooking, and a brief diversion of trying to wrangle a car for Folf's BF. It's kind of shabby, but it works and the exterior's sturdy. Must work on shabby thing, tho.

Dinner--very much lime-flavored chicken fajitas. Amazingly, I made enough for Whines and my self, mother, sister, grandmother, and Folf and BF! I was surprised. Mom loved her mother's day present (a djembe drum), and wandered out at 9:30, banging on it.

Today's plan involes actually *getting* the car, this may be a challenge!
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