Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Ants on a diet and other garden rambling

Watering some of the potted plants yesterday, and saw three fire ants cheerfully sucking on Flippant's stevia. "Oh, if I have any real sugar, my thorax gets all bloaty, and TELL me my abdomen doesn't look bigger."

Took a trip down to It's About Thyme, hoping to find some Dittany of Crete (it's like incredibly strong, furry oregano). Didn't. They didn't bother labelling their oregano. "If you have to ask, you don't deserve to GROW oregano. Stick with tansy."

Nibbled on the walking onion, one of the stems had fallen so I snipped it off to see what it tasted like. Damn, it tastes like onion. Onion for like two hours.

Wanted to make mint tea for furry picnic this weekend. Read somewhere that the best way to prune mint was with a lawn mower. Didn't go quite that far (I couldn't lift the lawn mower ove the brick walls of the raised herb bed) but it does look a bit like a plague of locusts hit the mint. I'd been kind of frustrated because the mint wasn't spreading--which is like water not flowing, or the dogs not licking themselves. We'll see what happened. In the meantime, the gallon of mint tea tastes exactly as wonderful as I remember it--maybe a little bit bitter, because orange mint and lemon mint were overrepresented, and the more candy-flavored mints weren't growing much.

Added some dill and a few different thymes on a lark, and a nice-looking savory plant, which smells like sausage.

One recurring problem I've been having--I keep buying plants for $2 that are about three inches high, if that, then finding them three weeks later a foot high, two feet high, or even bigger, for $2.50. Mutter, mutter.

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