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Basil, basil, basil, I buried you in clay--

Just got my packet of "Mrs. Burns Famous Lemon Basil" in the mail yesterday, into the dirt they go. This is a big-leafed plant that cheerfully plants itself from seeds each year, and apparently has a very zippy flavor. Woohoo :) I'm looking forward to that one! I'll have to wait a great many days for the little seeds to sprout, though.

*dreams of pesto*

Yeesh. I feel like I'm the only person working on a $1.5mil sale. I can't transfer to my new job until this is resolved, and the product has to be shipped to the customer by June 15. Inventory has me living a month ahead of myself all the time, it's terrifying how soon next week is. This four-day week isn't helping much.

Every operation--"warehouse - take this package apart, I need the stock." "warehouse - ship this to Missouri." "Warehouse - build this into a package." seems to take a full week on its own. There are so many things that I wish I'd started, but I only learned about this sale on the 8th, and it's been no end of challenges BEATING DUCKS WITH SLEDGEHAMMERS SO THEY STAY IN THEIR F**KING ROWS.

I'm not stressed, though, not really. It's amusing, but it's not something that I'm mentally taking home with me at night.

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