Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Might as well be a "twitter" account, really.

Kung Fu Panda, excellent movie. No major flaws, except the snow leopard and tiger were abstract to the point of being on the ugly side. Will definately purchase.

Credit card sent me a bunch of Amazon gift certificates. Bought an "animated" version of Lovecraft's "Dreamquest of Unknown Kadath," and Gymkata. Will watch both at the same time. Head explodes.

Lemon basils starting to grow. Very pretty. Lemon grass starting to die. Sad. Lemon balm is mostly sitting there. Made herbal viniger out of Dittany of Crete (a sort of hyper-oregano), chives, and savory. It's got quite a kick.

Whines and I are talking about a road-trip vacation at the end of July. It'll be a little expensive, but I've never done the road-trip vacation thang, and I'd like to do at least one of them in my life. We're going to Carlesbad Caverns, and whatever else happens to turn up. Not really a "cross-country drive," but ambitious for homebody me.

Nice to see Path again, he visited for a few days whilest working with the Democrat party.

I wish they'd re-named D&D4th ed. I like a lot of it, I do, the changes are in the balance useful, but it doesn't feel like the game I played in high school.

Pridefest this weekend coming up. Will be selling kilts. Will wear leather kilt. Will pass out, but hopefully someone interesting will catch me if I fall over.

Church life a little off-balance. Some grumbling, some pointless drama in pagan group. Reverend is trying to change service again. Busywork for the membership team, would like more males on membership team, not middle-aged church ladies so much.
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