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There was a beautiful land, there was a beautiful land...called Fuh...

One of the songs in my not insubstantial collection of weird sh!t mp3s is called "The King of Fuh". Predictably, it's about the king of a land, called Fuh. He is, I understand, a wise and great monarch, this king. of Fuh. The chorus describes how mighty he is--it is perhaps funnier if one says it aloud--"the mighty Fuh king, the mighty Fuh king...all hail...all hail...the Fuh king."

Okay, it's kind of juvenile, but it's good for a smirk.

Down the road from our house, a restaurant is opening.

It serves Pho.

Can you guess where I'm going with this? Given that "pho" is pronounced "fuh" in Vietnamese...and the restaurant is called "Pho King".

Is this intentional? If not, does it provide concrete proof that there is a god, and s/he/it has a smart-ass sense of humor?
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