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Pulp of frut

*boing* Whines is helping me order a Miracle Fruit plant :) It's a 2-gallon plant, so it's probably got a good year of growth in it (unless they planted a seedling in a two-gallon container, which would be rude).

Mr Sterling introduced this fruit to me, but I haven't tried it yet. Apparently--and I've never heard anything to indicate this was a hoax, or anything other than amazing--the berries contain a substance that temporarily (a half-hour to two hours) rewires your taste buds so that bitter and tart things taste dessert-level sweet. Grapefruit and lemon turn into candy, Guinness turns into a milkshake, and cheese resembles cream cheese frosting.

It'll probably take a year to get any legitimate amount of fruit, but it'll be fun to try!
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