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Productive day off---

Took today off to have a family emergancy, which mother cancelled because we didn't have a trailer. long as I had requested the time, I got a LOT of work done at home.

Father is making us a large set of bookshelves, which should alleviate about half the clutter in the garage and the spare bedroom (piles o'books in the garage right now...) But, he's making me work for it (sadist!) in particular, I spent pretty much all day painting boards white.

Sure was fun, whitewashing those boards. Wouldn't trade that fun for anything, unless someone made a good offer.

Also called the foundation repair dude over to re-check the house, it's had a year to...whatever foundations do...since he inspected it last June. So that's stage one in the long drawn-out process that will probably involve getting another damned loan, but at least I don't have to worry about the foundation cracking and can start planting things in a more permanent way soon.

So, really good, constructive day!

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