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Worked on shelves almost all day friday, most of today.

Nice fourth of july party at a particularly neat "center of gay culture" sort of fellow, about whom one might say "they don't make queens like that anymore," except he's not really a queen. He's 83, and his entire life looks well-spent so far.

Spent the morning, for contrast, with my 83-year-old grandmother, who's more than a bit alzheimer-y. Was going to make pancakes for all old people in the building, but the careperson forgot and everyone had already broken their fasts. Bummer. But, more time to paint.

Car broken into :( This is, like, 40% predictable, I'd already heard a few warnings about the parking lot in our neighborhood's rec center, but that was the designated overflow parking, and I wanted to get my car out of our driveway to get more workspace.

Now, my car's old (1992 Saturn), the radio is the car's original, and the inside's a wreck. So, they broke my window, got nothing. Irritating. I almost wish I'd had something in there worth taking so there could have been a point to the entire thing.


Got to ride in the back seat of a cop car. It's all plastic and drains to the street. Yay.

Nearly through painting shelves, father is going to start assembling tomorrow. That's pretty cool. May be a week or two before we can use them, but at least we'll have them!

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