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Neat facts about the Crab-Eating Fox:

(Some of these stolen from baktre and vioxel...)

The hide of the Crab-Eating Fox, which, while said fox is hunted for said hide, has no value, is frequently used by coastal natives to repair bicycle tires.

Crab-Eating Foxes are actually long-legged otters.

Crab-Eating Foxes are the only non-primate to grasp the intricacies of the three-tined fork.

The first challenge of the new-born Crab-Eating Fox is to learn to eat crab, before they starve.

The second challenge is to learn to churn, heat and clarify butter.

During the female's pregnancy, the male Crab-Eating Fox goes on a lengthy voyage to bring back lemons for the young foxes. He's not very good at squeezing them, though. The lemons, not the kits.

During courtship, the male Crab-Eating Fox presents the female with a lovely steamer and microwave oven.

The grown-up pups frequently attend their parents in their old age by mashing crab meat and serving it on the half-shell. They are the only carnivora known to mix bread crumbs with seafood.

The Crab-Eating Fox is the only coastal predator to regularly order lemon-scented pre-moistened napkinettes from White Swan Restaurant Supplies. White Swan does not honor the Crab-Eating Fox's "COD," though.

On average, one Crab-Eating Fox kit in six dies as a result of a steamer accident.

The only natural predators of the Crab-Eating Fox are the owners of small all-you-can-eat seafood buffets.

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