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Back from the Big Sleazy...

There and back again :) It's been a long week, I got into Vegas Sunday at 5:00, and got back into Austin Friday at 8:30 or so. Wheee! Glad to be home, but very glad I got to visit the city.

Company's sales conference to Vegas, exhausting but fun. It would have been less exhausting, if I hadn't been, well, me, but I don't regret much.

Sunday was welcome-to-town night, with wonderful appetizers (I was digging on the bacon-wrapped figs, but the spicy watermelon soup was...fascinating. Not good, no, but interesting. Had six glasses. Ginger and watermelon, the two great tastes that...uh...moving on. Popped down to the Bellagio's that night to watch the fountains, ver. pretty.

Monday-busy day with the sales reps, then a night on the town. Started with the dancing girls act with my co-workers, fun enough, if not what I would have chosen, but quintessentially vegas. One NEAT segment where a "hollywood squares" type array dropped from the ceiling, with maybe 16 compartments, each tricked out like a stylized room (table with bud vase, chair), each with a girl wearing a garter, hose, white gloves, skimpy little panties...and an all-over black body suit. The thing was lit with black light, so as the dancers stripped, there was nothing left. Brilliant! *applauds* I still wish I'd seen the Aussie male review, though. I like Australian culture. Spent the rest of the evening walking most of the strip. Ver. tired, probably four miles hiked.

Tuesday - Mostly stuck in hotel, but managed to sneak out to see The Star Trek Experience before it closed. Was almost attacked by borg, ver. bad. Might be Captain Piccard's ancestor. Who knew? Tourist map not drawn to scale. Walked to hotel. STupid, stupid...VEGAS is not actually to scale either, that was an hour poorly spent.

Wednesday - Big party at the hotel for the company. Snuck out to see the flamingos at the Flamingo with a slightly drunk gay guy someone was trying to set me up with. Flamingos unimpressed by his sustained honking calls.

Thursday - Last night in town! Saw some sharks at Mandalay bay, then went to visit Vegas's gay district. Walked there. Am stupid. Vegas gay district ver. disappointing, three 1965 shopping centers stuck poorly together, one bar made of sheet metal. Called "The Fruit Loop." Might have been more interesting if A) I went to bars or B) wanted to pick someone up.

Friday--a little aching milling, then flew home, exhausted. Saw the Grand Canyon from the air, very impressive, probably more so up close, but glad to see, all the same.

Spent a few hours today "developing" my better photographs. It's hard NOT to take good photos in Vegas, everything is just so amazing, colorful, bright, and larger-than-life. Here's a "few" of my better shots:

7/21/08: Flamingo Hotel, Vegas 7/21/08: MGM Lion, Vegas 7/21/08: Planet Hollywood 7/21/08: Posiedon at Ceasar's Gardens

The Flamingo Hotel by day, one of the sleasier hotels on the strip. Very dancing-girl-o-centric. The MGM Lion hotel, totally amazing, and a light display from Planet Hollywood, also impressive, and one of the very many statues from Ceasar's Gardens.

7/21/08: Bellagio Fountains 7-21-07bellagioroof1 7-21-07bellagiogarden1

A few shots from the Bellagio hotel, about as tasteful and elegant a place as there is on the strip. I particularly love these two images, though. The first is a particularly stirring moment during the Bellagio Fountain's interpretation of "And All That Jazz," the second, is a particularly stirring image of the world's biggest chocolate fountain. I think that fountain took some of my soul. It was amazing. The chocolate one, not the water one.

7/21/08: Fountains at the Bellagio. 7/25/08: Chocolate Fountain at the Bellagio

A slightly incongruous old man playing slots at the Star Trek Experience, and a slightly frightening clothing model -

7/22/08: Big ship, small man 7/25/08: DFW Airport minotaur

And a safety tip for all of you at-risk allergic types:

7/23/08: Contains Nuts

Glad to be back!
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