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Took my car in to the shop. Again.

In the last two months I've spent about $2000 on this--$1000 to get my struts restrutted and breaks replaced, $500 on a window replacement, and $500 on a serious tune-up/oil change/filter change.

For the record, I'm abandoning my current mechanic and switching back to my family's mechanic.

The last day I drove it, the AC stopped working entirely, totally out of the blue. When I drove it today, it crept up to halfway between "normal" and "maximum overheat, bail out, bail out!!!" on a five-mile drive, and even turning the heaters on full blast (in...the summer...) didn't help bring it down to the safety zone. So, I drove it to the mechanics, again, abut a good, honest mechanic this time. I hope.
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