Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic


Saw Batman last night. Completely worthwhile, from a comic movie perspective, not too week as an action movie on its own (except Batman himself is so darn dull as a character). The Joker really has more personality than everyone in the entire Batman franchise (except possibly for Harley?) put together, and he was well-played in this movie.

Spent the next hour arguing about comics, movies, superheroes with Lhexa and Whines and Folf, which was rewarding, though I think I got a little repetitive in there somewhere.

Saw preview for Watchmen. About darn time! The preview looked superb, but I'm prepared to be totally disappointed, since it's a dark, moody, and meaningful comic that revolves around the concept of ethical gray and subjective morality, and it'd take a deft hand to pull that off in two hours.
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