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D&D Release schedule for the next few..

Lessee...I'm only listing the major books, not modules and cards and suchlike...

Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide 8/08 - not really my thing, but it's certainly a popular setting. Hope they have more Wild Magic rules, or Spellfire. Shandril can roast my marshmallows anytime.

Forgottne Realms Player's Guide, 9/08 - Oh, they just want my money now :(

Adventurer's Vault: 9/08. Filling in the GAPING holes left in Magic Items and Equipment. This is the first core rulebook scheduled to come out. If it doesn't have the Wand/Rod of Wonder in it, though, I'm selling my books and playing Hero from now on.

Martial Powers, 10/08: Yay, twenty bazillion things my ranger can do! I confess to being really jaded toward class options, since for everyone except Wizards, they're limited to "how much damage, how many people, and how far back they can be shoved. Maybe there'll be fun new rules for unarmed combat or wacky ranged stuff, tho.

Draconomicon I: Chromatic Dragons, 11/08: Hmmm...I lurved the original paperback Draconomicon, it was *fun to read*. 3.5 failed on the fun to read front, and really, 4.0 always fails on the fun to read front, though I can't judge fun-to-play. Why have they decided to split Draconomicon into two, possibly three, books? *sigh* Oh, yeah, see Forgotten Realm Players Guide. I'm not really being cynical, not really, but there's never been a reason to split up Draconomicon before. Maybe it'll be a remarkable product, but I'm operating under the "WOTC looked at their previous successes and split them up into the maximum number of feasible products" marketing plan.

Manual of the Planes, 12/08: LOVED the original. Really colorful setting book. Positively wet myself over Planescape, took it home, bought it dinner, made sweet, sweet love to it. Manual of the Planes (3.5) was like Planescape's horrible, bone-thin spinster librarian sister. I haven't forgotten, and I haven't forgiven...but I can hope.

1/20/09: Open Grave: Secrets of the Undead: Booyah. Post-3.0 undead supplements are unilaterally awesome. I'm hungering with antici...

3/17/08: Player's Handbook 2: Druids, Barbarians, Sorcerers, Gnomes, Half-Orcs, Goliaths. Okay, much love for druids. MUCH love. I've never gotten to play one, but it's always very high on my list of classes to try. And a lot of love for barbarians. Skimpy loincloths, furry leggings and swords for the win. Sorcerers...meh. I look forward to seeing how they differentiate them from everything else in 4th ed. Gnomes...meh. I thought we got rid of them., sometimes fun, lot of good illustrations of them, but never bothered playing one. Goliaths?!? WHY? Lamest...race...ever.

4/21/09: Arcane Power, New options for Wizards, Warlocks, Sorcerers, Bards, and Swordmages: ...pation.

So, by April of next year, which is really, alarmingly close, we'll have everything that was cut from 3.5, at least from the core rulebook. I'm pleased that they shoved my two favorite products (Manual of the Planes, Book of Undead Creepiness) to the front of the release schedule, that's happy thing. Surprised there isn't a new Monster Manual comiong out, tho, that's got some gaping holes in it. Except for skills. Need new skills.

5/19/09: Monster Manual II
July 2009: Divine Power
August 09: Adventurer's Vault II
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