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Long, slow, poisonous strip-tease.

The datura (alias jimsonweed, zombie cucumber, devil's trumpet, mad hatter, crazy tea) is blooming. There are seven flower buds on it, one is opening, and it's taking its sweet time about it.

The biggest one was in the bud stage for a week. Finally, three days ago, the tip of the bud cracked open, hinting at the densely-packed petals within. Two days ago, the tip looked like a cuban cigar, a slender taper with petals struggling to escape in a white frizz.

This morning, the petals had extended out a good three inches from the remains of the bud, but were still densely packed together. The tip of the flower was starting to open in a spiral of promising petals.

Datura's hallucinations, at least according to Wiki, are lifelike, even mundane, such that some of its users overdose (and die) because they didn't think it had any effect. Interestingly, one common hallucination is holding a lighter or holding/smoking a cigarette. This is common even for non-smokers. I'm not sure what that means.

Day four, and the flower is still teasing me.

[edit, no, I'm not planning on taking it, just in a slightly meditative frame of mind right now.]
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