Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Stealing from Grandma -

Back from our furniture-scavenging trip to Houston, to get a few things out of Grandma's house before they sell it. Currently have her nice table--with all the leaves in it's about 10 feet long, a pretty-looking pale oak or maybe maple, I can't tell wood apart too well. A glass coffee table that I'm going to have to readjust a lot of furniture and get rid of some stuff to accomodate, but it's a table that I have some fond memories of, so...gotta keep that one. An odd-looking antique german/dutchy endtable, very complex little thing with lots of corners and angles, pretty, but needs some TLC. A few other odds and ends, some big flower pots, a shelf, that sort of thing.

Sad thing, someone seems to have absconded with the writing desk that was my mother's "if I could have one thing it would be this thing" want. Maaaybe she can find it, but it seems unlikely.

Observation that cleaning out the home of someone you just sent to a nursing home is morbid and particularly sad, sadder than most moves/cleanups. The little touches of personality are like notes from beyond the grave from someone who isn't dead, but isn't really with the living, either.

Glad to be back, a 120-mile trip with a big U-Haul truck in the rain is a bit stressy.

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