Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Whines's birthday party--

Okay, some logistics for the party for Mr. Whines Saturday-

Officially, let's start at 7:00. Anyone will be welcome earlier, I'll probably be a stable fixture in the house from 4:00 onward.

If anyone wants to contribute fooood, here's what I'm providing or have been provided

Beef-broth fondue (no mushrooms)
Oil fondue (maybe this one'll be outside...)
Vegetarian fondue (no meat)
Thai seafood fondue (to hell with all you allergy-sufferers and ethical eaters)
Cheddar-beer fondue
assorted sauces - probably wasabi cream, horseradish, Green Goddess,
Swiss Cheese Fondue - provided by Tenar and Maus
white chocolate fondue and strawberries - thanks, Butterfly!

Here are some "bundles" of stuff I wouldn't mind people bringing, but PLEASE let me know if you're going to bring one of these. I'm going to do my final grocery run at 2:00 or so Saturday and pick up anything that nobody's said they're bringing.

Veggies-baby carrots, brocolli, squash (yellow, zuchinni), mushrooms - I think Fizz & Itza staked out this one?

Meatstuff: Sirloin or other medium-quality steak, chicken (Cashew Lou, thanks!!)

Meatstuff II: shell-off, deveined, small shrimp, preferably raw

Dessert stuff: a second-rate cheesecake from the grocery bakers or frozen section, a few Granny Smith apples, a few bananas (taken, thanks Folf!)

Dessert stuff II: Angel food cake and shortcake cookies: Taken (thanks, mom!)

Breads, unsliced: A loaf of pumpernickle, sourdough, and foccacia **Taken by Turtle and Mom**

Some misc stuff -
Turtle & mom are bringing tastee meat balls? Maybe. They may go in a different direction on this.

Would like a few shots of Bailey's Irish Creame, if anyone's got a good supply, instead of buying a new bottle. This isn't critical, though.

Anyone with an extra electric fondue pot for loan would be celebrated - let me know ASAP though and I'll add an extra "course". Turtle and mom are bringing one, so I'll plan around that. I could still use an extra one for dessert, though we can always wash one out.

any additional dipping sauces would be more than welcome.

Let me know, and I'll mark these as "taken."
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