Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Bake Sale of the Damned--

Any thoughts from my food-creative friends would be appreciated on this one - I've committed to running the bake sale for our church Pagan group when they put on their halloween/Samhain party on Oct 25.

We discussed an occult bake sale - briefly, since virtually all spices and ingredients have some sort of symbolic significance (cinnamon is used in some rituals somewhere for wealth, say), one could imagine a spice cookie that was a get-rich-quick charm, or a luck-with-love charm, or whatever (there's a certain halloween kitzch factor here, so a good name like "black magic cookies," "burnt offerings" or "heart of scone" would go a long way toward a sale).

There's also traditional stuff like "Dead Bread", which I've been wanting to make for years now. Good opportunity.

Aaanyway, any of my food/magickal-thinking friends done anything along these lines? Or have any off-the-wall suggestions? I've finally located my Cunningham's Kitchen Wicca and all the other kitchen witchery books I've accumulated, those should be a big help...

[edit: I'm focusing on an "occult bake sale," not a "spooky-ooky halloween bake sale," so this is more about symbolism and correspondences, less about squicky strawberry blood and bats :) ]
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