Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Occult bakesale thang--

Edit: WTF? What's with the lion king Obama icon!?! I was using my hyena-cooking icon...

So, I think the pagan halloween party is the 25th. That's awful darn close!

Here's my plan for the occult bake sale - Love Potion #9 cupcakes (Chai-chocolate cupcakes with vanilla rum frosting.) All the flavoring ingredients apparently have correspondences with love, or boinking, which is not quite the same, but certainly in the same chakra. I'm adding the rum as an additional touch, but I think it'll compliment the spices okay.

Blackberry-Almond Moolahs (pretty much lemon bars with an almond base, blackberries instead of almonds, both of which have prosperity and money elements to them - a little cinnamon on top too, similer. Maybe a gold dragee in the center of each one.

Aaand, dead bread, which I've always wanted to make.

It's hard to say how useful a list of occult symbolism and correspondences is, it's hard to prove that it *wasn't* made up, but...we've got what we've got to play with.

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