Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

cut nose, spite face

This bailout is pretty consistantly bringing out the worst in American armchair politics, from what I've seen. The "main street" argument is *primarily* (this does not mean there aren't very compelling reasons to contact your congressman in protest of the bill) "We shouldn't bail out these people who got themselves into this. They made their bed, they should lie in it." I hear it a lot, I hear it phrased differently and with intonations on different parts of the phrase, but...that's not really an argument, or if it is, it's an argument based more on spite than self-preservation.

I've heard some good arguments against the bill, but "physician, heal thyself" isn't among them.

I don't have much to say about it, the nation is really pretty 50% 50% on this no matter what the media is saying, and as per almost always, I don't feel informed about the economic system to make a decision. This is one of those cases where mellow, reasoned voices are just drowned out by outcry. It sure would be good if there was such a thing as an expert that people would listen to, but even the experts are divided.

I would like it if there was a clause in the bill that said something like "no CEO of a company benefiting from this $700b package will make a retirement salary greater than the financial compensation given to the mother of Jacob W--- during the year 2008."

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